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Interiors of the Poyas-Mordecai House
69 Meeting Street

This house is within the original Grand Model of Historic Charleston. Built in 1788 in the Adamesque style of architecture, it was purchased in 1837 by Moses Cohen Mordecai, an important historic figure, who added the piazzas and connected the main house to the kitchen house. Mordecai, originally opposed to secession, became a blockade runner in support of the Confederacy and lost his entire fortune. Forced to flee to Baltimore after the war, he was again very successful in business. In 1870 Mr. Mordecai, at his own expense, brought home the bodies of South Carolina soldiers who fell at Gettysburg.

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Texas Tech


Texas Tech

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Smarties, what do you like to read?

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This is Why We Have Dogs (22 Pics)

Ok I teared up at the 16 year old photo

Love this

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